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Food Supplier Audit

Quality In A Complex Supply Chain

The growing complexity of products, along with the continued globalization of business, has made the supply chain more sophisticated and difficult to manage than ever before.

Food supplier audit in complex global supply chains which are constantly changing require a tried and tested solution! Dealing with agents, traders, distributors, large food groups, small local suppliers, mergers and acquisitions, all result in a set of supply chain partners that can be challenging.

Quality in a Complex Supply Chain

Yet you are expected to ensure that auditing of this supply chain is up to date at all times as part of your food supplier audit program. QADEX enables step change improvement in your supply chain auditing processes. Increasing complexity, information overload and rising quality levels are driving fundamental changes across a number of industries. This has created a greater need for manufacturing intelligence coupled with a need for better systems to manage the “flow” of information. These changes have also significantly impacted the supply chain, where greater visibility and responsiveness is now needed to just maintain “status quo,” in order to respond within a reasonable time frame to today’s dynamic market and customer requirements.

Managing the flow of data from manufacturing operations and suppliers, while keeping an eye on quality and customer demand, is a delicate balancing act, especially as businesses increasingly rely on global, multi-tier suppliers for critical components. As a result, manufacturers need to proactively meet complex supply chain issues head-on by making better use of data to enable greater manufacturing intelligence through the use of expanded flows of information, driving higher quality and responsiveness standards. QADEX are here to help, we have a team of dedicated Account Managers who do all the heavy lifting for you. We have developed with years of food industry experience a set of BRC ready templates for all of our Food Safety modules.

Contact us today to take a tour of our comprehensive system and to have a chat about how we can help you drive step change improvements in your business.

Quality in a Complex Supply Chain
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