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Simplify SSAQ & Food Safety Questionnaire Management

Simplify the Management Process:

Driving any step-change improvement needs a fully integrated system of Food Safety Questionnaire Management. Whatever the size of your business, you will already be taking reasonable precautions to meet the current food safety requirements.

The Role of Supplier Self Audit Questionnaires (SSAQ)

Supplier Self Audit Questionnaire (SSAQ) or food safety questionnaires can help you to deliver a robust supply chain risk assessment program, but consider carefully the inherent weaknesses and risks, or you could end up drowning in paper rather than delivering results.

SSAQ - Drowning in paperSupplier self-assessment is just one of the tools in your integrated supplier management program, which is most effective when used selectively and carefully. Having an effective process means critically reviewing the information you receive, and making challenges wherever you have doubts.

This will result in a well-structured on-site audit program, complementing your supplier self-assessments. All suppliers should be aware that their self-assessments will be reviewed throughout the various audit programmes and the possible consequences of missing information or providing incorrect information.

QADEX Self Audits Module Can Help:

The Self Audits Module send out Food Safety Questionnaires electronically. It works for any size of company, from large branded names, to small family businesses, and there is no minimum or maximum number of suppliers; so it doesn’t matter how many suppliers you work with.

How It Works

Your Suppliers receive a questionnaire for completion online. QADEX account managers liaise directly with your suppliers to support them during the process and chase up any who are slow to respond or provide the right information.

Benefits of QADEX Supplier Self Audits Module:

  • Frees up your technical resources to focus on other business priorities.
  • Information gathered allows you to identify any high risk suppliers.
  • You will be Audit ready 24/7 for any unannounced Audit
  • Reduced audit non-conformances.
  • Secure, easy to use website for suppliers to complete the self-audit questionnaires.
  • Unlimited system & Technical support to your suppliers.
  • Automatic & telephone reminders to suppliers who have not completed questionnaires.
  • QADEX liaise directly with your technical department on any issues that arise.
  • Easy updates when questionnaire formats are changed.
  • Multiple questionnaire formats for different types of suppliers.
  • Instant access to supplier assurance status through a suite of management reports.
  • Ability to run queries across all data held in the QADEX system.
  • Automatic chasing of suppliers for ALL expired certifications not just BRC!
  • Migration service for your suppliers

Let QADEX Self Audit Module do the heavy lifting for you; while you sit back and wait for all the information to come to you for review.

Want to find out more about how we can help with SSAQ’s and Food Safety Questionnaire Management?

SSAQ - Management Solution

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