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Simplify Food Specification Management

Food Product Specifications

Are you looking for an easier way to deliver accurate food product specifications for manufactured products? If you are a UK private label manufacturer, using factored and co-manufactured products as well as branded food products, then whatever format you require QADEX can deliver it for you!

As our software was created for the food industry, by the food industry we understand exactly what is required for you to be compliant and audit ready 24/7. The software will be set up and tailored for your business allowing you to get started with step change improvement in food safety & brand protection straight away, so you can start freeing up your technical resources.

QADEX Finished Goods Specification Module

This ground-breaking product specification software package will enable you to create, modify and approve finished food product specifications straight from your database of raw materials and packaging making the creation and management of product specifications for food and drink a breeze.

How does it Work?

Simplify product food specificationsIt works quickly and efficiently, as raw material information is gathered from suppliers, you simply select the raw materials used in your finished product to create the specification. No fuss, no bother. A vital feature of this module will alert all designated personnel when any raw material information is updated, as well as advising the customer of changes to the finished product if required.

QADEX Finished Goods Specification Module Delivers:

  • Automatic alerts when ingredient specifications are updated
  • Specification formats you can easily customise to your requirements
  • Timely and simple to read Work in Progress specifications
  • Accurate and efficient Version control
  • Simplify and speed up food manufacturer product management

What’s Good about QADEX Food Products Specifications?

  • A simplified process which frees technical resource to focus on other priorities
  • Improved validation and data accuracy reducing errors
  • Time-saving when managing changes to specifications
  • Searchable specification database
  • Output food specifications in retailer formats to aid input into retailer systems
  • Food product specification forms that are easy to fill out and manage, removing the need for complex spreadsheets
  • Customise to your own specification format
  • Seamless integration with other QADEX modules and your existing systems if required

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will show you how we can help your business

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