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Transform Finished Product Specifications

Transform finished product specifications

The requirement to maintain up to date and detailed specifications for all raw materials and finished products can be daunting and time consuming for managers.

Spending valuable time chasing up information has to be done to make sure that all your specifications are accurately completed.

Just one small change can cause an enormous amount of further work.

Any changes to a product or its processes, needs to have an efficient system in place that will deliver the new and accurate information across all factory specifications, finished product specifications and customer specifications.

They should also be treated as working documents and regularly reviewed.

How the QADEX Finished Goods Specification Module Can Help

The QADEX Finished Goods Specification Module is the complete answer to these challenges. You can easily create, modify and approve your finished product specifications from a large database of raw materials, which includes the packaging.

Whenever the raw materials you currently use, are updated by your suppliers; this will feed directly into your Finished Product, alerting you and asking you to accept and update the change if required.

The QADEX system is easy and flexible

Product specification food solutionsRaw materials information is gathered from suppliers and then you simply select which raw materials are used in the finished product, to create the specification. It will also alert you personally, when any raw material information is updated, and can even advise your customer of any recent changes to the finished product, if you wish.

The QADEX specifications module will always make sure that all your controlled specification documents are always kept up to date.

Photographic Quality Standards

Many food businesses now require factory specifications that include photographic quality standards to be visible to production staff during each production run. This clever software has been designed specifically for the needs of food manufacturers, and contains all the tools necessary to manage: branded, private label, factored, co-manufactured, and online and factory specifications.

QADEX Finished Product Specifications Dashboard

You can have every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customers and new product development together in one simple  dashboard. The user-friendly, real-time features means that Technical Managers can see at a glance how your operations are performing and any problem arising will be immediately identified, along with its corrective action.

What’s Good About It?

The QADEX Finished Goods Specification Module gives you all this, quickly and easily:

  • Finished goods specifications created from a database of raw material specificationsFinished product specification template
  • Automatic alerts when ingredient specifications are updated
  • Customise to your own specification format
  • Work-in-progress specifications
  • A vast database of raw material information (in conjunction with other modules)
  • Accurate and efficient Version control
  • Easy management of your finished product specification template(s)
  • Finished product specification forms that are easy to fill out and manage, removing the need for complex spreadsheets

Why Is It Good?

Using this system could transform your working practice in three vital areas:

  • This simplified process frees up technical resources to focus on other priorities
  • The improved validation and data accuracy will reduce errors
  • The Time saved when managing changes to specifications

Specification Management Improvement Workshops

QADEX are also delivering “Improvement Workshops” around Specification Management.

These workshops aim to give you an insight into what QADEX are hearing & seeing as the key challenges around specification management and what you can do as a business to help manage them.

We will present you with some opportunities you may not have realised existed and how these opportunities have worked out at similar companies to your own.

You will also get a demonstration of our robust specification management module, with the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

Get to see how the QADEX system can reduce your costs and give massive time savings for your business first hand.

See how you can wow and protect your customers using QADEX Live Food Safety Alerts.

At the end of the workshop, you will have created a personal Next Steps Plan for you to take away and start actioning within your business.

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