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Customer Specifications Process Made Easy

Customer SpecificationsIncreasingly stringent food safety regulations mean that keeping up with customer requests for self-audit questionnaires and specifications is an onerous, time consuming activity.

QADEX have an effective Customer Service Manager Module for all customer specifications, which is designed specifically for the food industry for suppliers who care about food safety.

How Does It Work?

QADEX Vision is a simple dashboard that brings together every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customer specifications and new product development. Technical Managers are able to see immediately how their operations are performing and identify any corrective action necessary if a problem arises.

It is completely user friendly, with real-time features that could easily transform your current working practice. You can very simply choose the modules you require now, and add others at a later date, as and when needed.

It has been designed in partnership with our customers and their global supply base, to make sure that every piece of information you require from your suppliers, is received in time, and accurately. It has been fully tested by food technologists under the specific and stringent demands of the food industry.

QADEX Customer Service Manager Module

Designed to ease the unwanted pressure that regulations invariably place on your business, and to ensure that all your customers are, and remain, fully compliant.

Many of our customers use this in conjunction with other modules, because the effectiveness of this tool enables information about their customer specifications to be supplied much more efficiently. All you need to do, is to locate technical data using your product code; then quickly select the information requested; and forward the documents by email. All the data sent, is then stored in a ‘log’, allowing you to view and evidence all requests that have been actioned in real-time.

Customer Specifications

Commercially Sensitive Information

A vital area of information sharing, is the ability to protect any commercially sensitive information, and the sophisticated functionality of this software, means that whatever you deem to be commercially sensitive to your business, will be automatically removed from any documents sent to your customers.

Using QADEX Customer Service Manager Module means:

  • Commercially sensitive information is automatically removed
  • Technical information can be centralised if required
  • An Audit log of information can be sent to customers
  • Real time visibility of information is easily accessed by customers
  • This will free your technical teams to focus on other priorities
  • You can comply with customer specification requirements quickly and cost effectively
  • It enables easy access to information and a faster response to customer requests

Linked Modules

Supplier Self Audits

Raw Material Specifications

We can also create Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that allow your existing systems and QADEX Vision to work together.

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