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Managing Customer Complaints Made EASY!

Managing Customer Complaints Made EASY!

Your customers are delighted if the business simply delivers what has been promised. However, we all know that customers are increasingly aware of their rights and are quick to complain when they perceive that your product does not meet their expectations.

The successful resolution of customer complaints is driven by the complaint handling skills and expertise within your business. Customer complaint management is a tactical environment, so what strategies can be deployed to achieve customer complaint management successes and enhance your brand protection?

This is where the QADEX Customer Complaint Management Module can help.

Managing Customer Complaints can be a time consuming responsibility which puts unwanted pressure on your business, with no tangible benefits. The QADEX customer complaint management module covers the entire cycle of the complaint from consumer to full investigation, across food supply chains.

QADEX In Plain English – Two Minute Tour


  • Turn profit draining complaints into business intelligence
  • Enhance brand protection
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Return lost profit to the bottom line


Reducing the amount of time spent handling each complaint, duplication of effort and the lack of visibility on progress is only one way the QADEX customer complaint management module can save you money. Powerful intelligence tools will provide the insights necessary to identify the root cause of complaints and drive complaint reduction projects. Trend analysis and full, real time visibility on all complaints received allows you to better understand how the business can drive down the number of incoming complaints.

Talk to us to find out how you can implement your QADEX Customer Complaint Management Module TODAY!

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