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Live Complaint Tracking

A long time ago, Facebook(2004) & Twitter(2006) did not exist.

Customers complained by phone, letter and email.

If you handled the complaint badly the customer grumbled to a few friends and family and that was the end of it.

With the rapid growth of social media it is becoming critical to put systems in place for complaints tracking in an online environment. The QADEX Customer Complaint Management module designed for the Food Industry & customised for YOU, lets you record new customer complaints received through any channel, quickly and efficiently. Once the complaint has been logged the appropriate person in your business can begin to:

  • Identify the product/brand/range associated with the complaint
  • Record notes and set reminders
  • Assign tasks to other individuals in the business or even other locations/sites
  • Send emails and generate letters using automatic templates
  • Attach any documentation required
  • Send for investigation and record the outcome
  • Identify root cause and set corrective actions
  • Re-open the complaint at any time
  • Effortlessly generate necessary reports for the business LIVE
  • Learn from customer complaints

complaints tracking

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