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Complaint Investigation And Management

Drive Reduction In Complaint Costs

The QADEX customer complaint management module gathers intelligence and using smart tools allows your business to drive step change in complaint reduction across your business and keep your customers satisfied.

Customer complaints are a major issue in any food business, when management time for complaint investigation is added to retailer admin charges the costs can be a substantial drain on profitability. That’s why we have focused on creating a system for complaints that deals with everything from logging, through to root cause analysis and corrective actions, that’s easy and quick to use, but also ensures that each complaint is handled correctly and efficiently. We then built you a dashboard that will create you quick and easy business intelligence reports even allowing for those one off reports the boss is always asking for!

Reducing the amount of time spent handling each complaint, duplication of effort and the lack of visibility on progress is only one way the QADEX customer complaint management module can save you money. Powerful intelligence tools will provide the insights necessary to identify the root cause of complaints and drive complaint reduction projects. Trend analysis and full, real time visibility on all complaints received allows you to better understand how the business can drive down the number of incoming complaints.

How much do complaints currently cost your business? If you are not sure, we recommend multiplying your current annual number of complaints by £150*, the resulting number will be close.

If your business could benefit from the only solution designed to reduce complaints per million units on a year by year basis then Contact Us to request more information.

driving down the cost of your complaints

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