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Customer Complaints Software

Significantly Reduce Your Complaints With Our Customer Complaint Management Software

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Your customers are delighted if your business delivers what has been promised. However, we all know that customers are increasingly aware of their rights and are quick to complain when they perceive that your product does not meet their expectations.

Leading food businesses recognise that better management of customer complaints can be an enabler of step change improvement in quality and customer satisfaction.

Many have historically managed complaints using generic CRM or customer complaints software, but are now finding these solutions do not meet their needs and do not provide a seamless link to suppliers for complaints investigation and reduction.

QADEX evaluated the need for a food industry customer complaints management solution. We found the existing solutions in the marketplace lacking, we identified there was a clear need for better software, designed for the food industry and fully integrated across the food supply chain. QADEX consulted widely with existing QADEX customers and other food businesses across the UK, Europe & US collating the top ten requirements for not only logging the complaints but how to deal with them!

QADEX Customer Complaints Management Module was launched and is being rolled out by a range of food businesses.

Our customer complaint tracking software (which provides you with easy to understand graphs and reports) and customer complaint handling software will enable your business to manage any complaints received easily and efficiently. Giving you the data to adequately investigate the root cause of the issue to put steps in place to prevent it from happening again.

The only solution developed by the food industry, for the food industry, QADEX customer complaints management module covers the entire cycle from customer to full investigation allowing for root cause analysis across food supply chains.

A FEW benefits of Using The QADEX Customer Complaints Management Module:

  • Modular and flexible which enables you to use the parts that add the most value to your business.
  • Manages multiple sources of complaints from customer care centres, websites, retailers, emails & social media which ensures that all complaints, regardless of source, are dealt with in a consistent manner.
  • Access to “backup or contingency” customer care-line personnel available in the QADEX Support centre, meaning that if you are faced with peaks in complaints at certain times we can step in to support at a few hours’ notice.
  • Accurate complaint logging and allocation which ensures that complaints are assigned to the correct departments and also assigned to the correct categories for management reporting and KPI purposes.
  • Allows you to turn profit draining complaints into business Intelligence.
  • Auto alerts and notifications to flag when a product, or batch, has a complaint level which is “above trend” ensuring rapid management attention and focus.
  • Advanced business intelligence reporting allowing auto creation of trend graphs , including CPMU, reducing the time spent crunching numbers and enabling management focus on continuous improvement.
  • Enables you to Improve Customer relationships and return that lost profit to the bottom line.

QADEX Consumer Care Workshops

We all know you can’t please everyone, all of the time.

However, with the increasing popularity of social media, it is easier than ever for consumers to publish their frustrations to hundreds (and maybe thousands) of people.

QADEX are delivering several “Improvement Workshops” which aim to show how our system can benefit your business effectively manage customer complaints while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

These workshops will teach you best practices giving you valuable information which you can take away and start to use within your business in the form of a personal Next Steps Plan.

Discover how much customer complaints are costing your business.

You will also discover how we can help reduce the number of consumers who have a negative perception of your products.

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