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Allergen Declaration Checking

Allergy recalls are one of the largest sources of recalls in the food industry, yet many are preventable by implementing various policies, including very careful checking of all raw material specifications against a list of allergens known to be present on supplier manufacturing sites. Using QADEX Self audits module & Specifications module, allergen declarations are auto validated enabling reductions in allergen related product recalls

Allergen Recalls

There is a large amount of data across all your specifications and supplier audit documents to cross check everything line by line, every time that you get a new document from any supplier. We are aware of food companies who have invested heavily in technologist resource to carry out these checks.

They are finding that >50% of ingredient specifications provided by suppliers contain incorrectly declared allergens.

If >50% of your ingredient specifications contain incorrectly declared allergens what is the impact on the accuracy of your allergen management policy?

Using QADEX Vision allergen declarations from suppliers can be auto-validated helping to reduce allergen related product recalls.

Even better, this module is FREE to all customers who choose to use our Raw Material Specifications module and Self Audit Questionnaires module

Allergen Recalls
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