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Allergen Management Labelling NutsDespite many allergy-related product calls being preventable, they are still one of the largest sources of recalls in the food industry (Source: Food Standards Agency – In a three-month period, half of the food notices were allergy alerts, mainly for undeclared milk, nuts and gluten).

As the majority of these are avoidable, why do these still happen regularly and what can we do to reduce these?

First, we should identify the main reasons behind recalls, and then we can look at why these occurred and how to prevent them from happening again.

A substantial number of allergen recalls are caused by incorrect allergen labelling.

I am sure you have all seen and are aware of the 14 allergens that need to be correctly identified and listed on food packaging, if one of these is mislabeled it can put people who suffer from allergies at risk meaning the product will have to be recalled.

Let us now look into why incorrect allergen labelling is the result of a substantial number of allergen recalls.

Allergen recalls can be caused by many factors, a small number of these include:

  • Over-reliance on paper-based systems which are not up to date or a reliance on complex spreadsheets.
  • Insufficient technical resources to review and cross check every piece of data provided by every supplier, on every specification, against data gathered from supplier audit processes.
  • A disconnect between supplier audit functions and product specification functions in many food businesses.

There is just too much data across all your specifications and supplier audit documents to cross check everything line by line, every time that you get a new document from any supplier.

The QADEX Allergen Management module provides a unique solution which overcomes all of the above problems automatically using powerful inbuilt validation tools.

If you would like to learn more about how the QADEX Allergen Management module can benefit your business please click the link below to get in touch and we will be in contact shortly:

QADEX In Plain English – Three Minute Tour

Why not watch our Allergen Validation Manager overview video, this video outlines some of the main features and benefits of this module and how it can help your business with Allergen Management Labelling and reduce costly allergy recalls.

Allergen Risk Assessment White Paper

We have also put together a free white paper about allergen risk assessments which will show you how to:

  • Identify risk and characterise associated hazard
  • Use validation to test your controls
  • Use output to develop allergen control plan
  • Allergen management must be bespoke to your site
  • Keep it simple or it won’t work

We are sure that you will take something beneficial away from this white paper as the content has been tried and tested by many companies with great success.

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