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Supplier Approval Procedure For Food & Drinks Industry

The UK Food and Drinks industry is beset with consumer focussed legislation, certification and accreditation processes, which makes managing your procedures for supplier approval into a time consuming but critical task.

Maintaining your own certification to the accredited food safety systems of BRC, SALSA, STS is complicated by that fact that your suppliers can originate in one of 90 different countries under the BRC global standard, and each separate ingredient needs to have a comprehensive supplier approval procedure to ameliorate its own risks and pitfalls.

Comprehensive Supplier Approval Procedure Dashboard

QADEX Vision is an all-embracing software package that handles every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customer complaints and new product development together in one simple dashboard.

It specifically makes the procedure for all supplier approvals into a user friendly process, with real time features that allow technical managers to see at a glance how their operations are performing. Should any problem arise, it is easily identified and will automatically identify corrective actions.

QADEX Vision: used by over 150 manufacturers and over 16,000 supplying sites across the UK, US and Europe

QADEX Vision is currently leading the market as a technical IT solution to the supplier approval procedure for food and drinks manufacturers and processors, in the UK, USA and across Europe. Our 150+ manufacturers and 10,000+ supplying sites have seen dramatic improvements in their food safety by utilising the user-friendly, real-time information provided by this incredible software.

This means that your supply chain is safer, which provides your company with much greater levels of brand protection.

Pick and Choose from a Modular System

As a modular system, QADEX Vision gives you the ability to pick and mix the modules most appropriate to your current needs, confident in the knowledge that further modules can be added as your business needs evolve.

The ongoing developments in the food and drinks industry across the UK and Europe evidences the far reaching benefits of having a robust and well enforced supplier approval procedure, and QADEX Vision can deliver this to companies of all sizes, geared to their specific market sector.

Using QADEX Vision for your Supplier Approval Procedure means:

  • We look after system set-up enabling you to focus on the important things, rather than chasing paperwork.
  • Fully managed solution with QADEX technical managers guiding you and your colleagues through your usage to ensure that your system delivers perfect results, every year.
  • No hardware or software to install.
  • Upgraded automatically to ensure always have the latest version of QADEX Vision
  • Back-office support from our experienced team of engineers who make sure the system runs perfectly 24/7.
  • Optimised for mobile devices and Tablet computers giving you access to everything, everywhere, always.
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