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Supplier Approval Managment – LinkedIn Group now available

Supplier approval management is an ever increasing challenge for those operating in the food industry.
Areas of responsibility include
– Supplier risk assessment
– Supplier approval
– Auditing
– Raw material specifications
– Certificates of analysis/conformance
– Intake checks
– Supplier monitoring
– Secondary sites & co-packers
– Packaging controls & packaging migration
As if all of the above was not enough to deal with, current trends of increasing raw material prices are forcing businesses to carefully review suppliers to identify cost savings, sometimes this could result in reliable suppliers with a good history being replaced with new suppliers with little or no history.
A recipe for grey hairs.
Join this group and join the debate, who knows you might pick up some good ideas of at least realise you are not on your own.
To find the group just search for “supplier approval management” from within LinkedIn Groups

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