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Supply Chain Compliance For Retail & Wholesale

supply chain compliance

Retailers and Wholesalers face increasing challenges in managing compliance within their supply chains. The nature of wholesale and retail selling means that supply chains can often be long and complicated, as well as constantly changing with new ingredients and improved products.

In addition to risk assessing your suppliers about their manufacturers and processors, the food industry has a growing number of accreditation bodies demanding complex information which needs to be extracted and collated.

The ethical and environmental risks of your supply chain will also need to be managed, adding to the costs of time and resources away from the day to day management of your retail or wholesale business.

Streamlining is Essential

Finding a way to streamline the information gathering process is paramount, and many retailers use a separate standalone system to assess the various risks in their supply chains. The downside of this is the possibility of duplication and the dilution of effort in maintaining accurate information on more than one system at the same time. It also means that resolving any problems can involve searching in each system to find the answers.

The rapid rise of the public’s use of social media to share any food safety failure, means that before you have a chance to find out the Lot Number and Expiry date on the product, there are pictures of it flying around on Facebook and Twitter.

The media are always ready to pounce on any possible bad news story, which can cause a business of any size to take quite a public bashing, before the reasons have been established and investigated.

Integrating Systems can help

There is a great advantage to be gained from using an integrated solution to assess all your suppliers’ risks in one place, alongside your existing systems.

QADEX Supply Chain Compliance Software

The QADEX have developed an effective supplier risk assessment module that will resolve all these issues using one easy to operate Dashboard. It can easily be deployed as a standalone module or can be used in conjunction with other QADEX modules such as supplier auditing.

This supplier risk assessment tool has been developed specifically for Retailers and Wholesalers. It enables you to set-up and monitor your own specific variables and scoring standards. The results will give you a more efficient and long-term management process for your future food safety risks.

How Does the Supply Chain Compliance Software Work?

It is configurable to your specific risk assessment criteria and parameters, giving you the flexibility to risk assess and score suppliers. All the variables are designed by you and can include help details that will standardise the scoring of the variables.

Multi stage risk assessments can be completed by different departments with all information coming together to form an integrated “risk score” for each supplier. This means that all your suppliers will be managed consistently and possible risks will be highlighted by the system long before you might otherwise notice them.

You have total control with the ability to complete a Risk Assessment at any stage of the supplier cycle, with a frequency setting which allows you to complete future risk assessments whenever you chose.

In a nutshell then:

QADEX Supply Chain Compliance software makes it easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain, year-on-year, in a standardised, consistent and fully measurable way.

Want to find out some more details?

Click here to read a bit more about it, or here if you would like to see how it would work with your current systems.

supply chain compliance
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