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Supplier Quality Assurance Defines The Market For Food Retailers

During the past 25 years, food retailers have been starved of true innovation in the solutions available for supplier quality assurance.
Supplier Quality Assurance TransportEvery Retailer needs to be confident in the ability of their suppliers to deliver a consistently good product, and it requires an interactive relationship to achieve this.

The usual 2 PLM software suppliers change their names, or merge frequently; but are still fundamentally selling the same 25-year-old specification management systems; with some minor updates, pretty much based on the 9 step process made famous by the American QA Guru, Joseph Moses Juran.

QADEX is different.

Since 2007, the QADEX Vision Platform has been updated and upgraded by our 40 software engineers, turning it into a market defining system for Retailers.

QADEX Vision Platform provides a one-stop solution for retailers that includes:

  • Vulnerability Assessments/TACCP – Unique to QADEX
  • Supplier Risk Assessments – Unique to QADEX
  • Desktop Assessments of suppliers – Unique to QADEX
  • Supplier site and product certification management
  • Audits & Visits management
  • Product Specifications (Infinitely easier to use than existing PLM supplier’s solutions)
  • Allergen Validation – Unique to QADEX
  • In Store Deli & Bakery Specifications
  • QA Checks on Intake to DC
  • Supplier Non-Conformance Management
  • Customer Complaints Management
  • Product Launch Management

This solution has already achieved great results by a major retailer, and we think the other retailers currently evaluating it, will find it a better alternative to the usual 2 solutions from Oracle/Micros and TraceOne.

So how is the QADEX system different?

We provide a managed solution

Our software is great, but your teams and your suppliers are stretched. QADEX can handle many aspects to system configuration and set-up, including the migration of existing specifications. Once live the experienced team of QADEX account managers can work with your suppliers to ensure all information being supplied by suppliers is supplied in a prompt manner.

Track record of delivery

Supporting over 16,000 sites, processing over 20,000 product specifications per month, the QADEX team has an unrivalled track record of delivery.

Value for money

We do not believe in charging vast sums of money for systems that are complex to deploy with limited functionality. A QADEX solution will provide a vastly supplier range of functionality, be easier to deploy and be much more cost effective than the incumbent suppliers.

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