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Supplier Risk Reduction For Retailers & Wholesalers

Robust Supplier Risk Assessment

Consumers rely on Retailers and Wholesalers for food and drinks products nationally and locally, where would we be without our nation of Shopkeepers. But today, the plethora of legislation and certification required by BRC, SALSA, STS and HACCP means implementing many different procedures in order to reduce supplier risks to your own business.

These necessary tasks are all time consuming but critical to maintain your own certification, and the manufacturers and processors you buy from, can now be located in a number of different countries.

This makes analysing where the likely supplier risks may arrive for each product you stock, into almost a vast task, with a need for comprehensive records and possibly, a crystal ball.

Reduce Audit Non-Conformances & Recalls from Supplier Quality Failures.

However many suppliers you have, they all need to be risk assessed with a standardised, consistent and auditable process across your business.

QADEX Supplier Risk Assessment module is the answer.

Easy to use as a stand-alone module, or alongside any of our other modules, this must-have tool allows customisation of your risk assessment criteria. Based on the outcome of the risk assessment – automatic prompts advise the next steps to take in the supplier approval process.

Comprehensive Supplier Risk Reduction Dashboard

QADEX Vision is a great solution. The comprehensive software can efficiently deal with all your systems for food safety and quality management; and all this includes a robust compliance system and customer complaints programme that works seamlessly together.

Keeping your business compliant in all aspects of legislation, audit-ready 24/7 and acting as a reliable watchdog reducing your supplier risks in the background, and letting you know the minute that any supplier stats stray from the desired norm.

The real-time features make it a user-friendly process to use, giving you a dashboard picture at a glance, of any possible issues. When an issue does appear, it is quickly identified by the software.

QADEX Vision: Reduces Supplier Risks across the UK, US and Europe

The IT solution from QADEX is being used by over 150 major manufacturers and over 16,000 suppliers, who have made dramatic improvements in their own food safety processes by accessing the real-time information provided by this incredible software.

As a Retailer or Wholesaler using the same system; QADEX Vision can reduce your paperwork as well as your supplier risks, giving you more time and much greater peace of mind knowing that your business has a much greater level of brand protection.

Flexibility of a Fully Modular System

QADEX Vision is a modular system, with the flexibility of a ‘pick and mix’ selection for whatever is most appropriate to your current needs, with the full support of knowing that additional modules can be added as the needs of your retail or wholesale business evolves.

Managing supplier risks effectively is vital and a well managed supplier risks reduction system, like QADEX Vision, will have far reaching benefits in the fast moving industry of food and drinks across the UK and Europe.

QADEX Vision Supplier Risk Assessment Tool gives you:

  • A Configurable tool for your risk assessment criteria and parameters, provide flexibility to risk assess and score suppliers
  • Every supplier is managed consistently
  • Easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way
  • Settings for your own risk assessment criteria and parameters
  • Identification of next steps in the approval procedure through system alerts
  • Fully adjustable criteria and parameters over time
  • Automatic notification of suggested audit regime
  • An Audit trail to justify risk assessment.
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