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Supplier Certification Management Which Protects Your Business

Supplier Certification - Complete Solution

There is little doubt within the food and drinks industry, that Supplier Certification Management takes up too much time and maintaining up to date Certifications for every supplier, is a management process similar to painting the Forth Bridge.

The paperwork can seem endless with internal spreadsheets and databases to manage a supplier approval management system that seeks to constantly ensure that all certifications held by suppliers are up to date: There are generic requirements, but with so many different companies in the industry, there are also huge differences.

This means that seamless integration with other areas, processes and functions of the business are not made easier. Then the challenges of control, measurement and reporting activities internally are added to the endless preparation of supplier management reports, that need to be disseminated to different areas of your business.

Lastly, the accurate analysis of statistics for supplier performance and identifying future trends or risks, very much depends on the amount of detail available in reports and the possibilities for drilling down into meaningful and robust statistics. This is sometimes undermined by the willingness of suppliers to engage with, and complete your information requests on time, and in full.

The Supplier Certification Management Solution

QADEX has an easy solution:

A system that can solve all the problems associated with managing this process, including the slow or lack of response from suppliers. The QADEX system gathers all current certifications from your suppliers and then ensures that they are maintained up to date at all times.

  • We look after all configuration and set-up so you can manage existing workloads.
  • We monitor the expiry dates on all certificates automatically
  • We automatically notify suppliers when new certificates are required.
  • Our experienced account managers contact your suppliers by phone when they are slow in providing new certificates
  • Our system covers every possible type of certificate, if it has an expiry date. Such as: Halal, Kosher etc.

Setting it up couldn’t be easier. All your data held on your existing systems can be migrated by our experienced technical operations specialists, removing any stress or hassle from you. We call this a win-win situation, so why not find out just how easy it would be for your company to make the switch?

Click here to have a no obligation chat with one of our experts, or download our FREE White Paper called: Supplier Approval Management White Paper.

Supplier Certification Management

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