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Instore Bakery & Deli Counters Made Easy

Food Specs For Instore Bakery

Specification requirements for instore bakery and deli counters are very different to the requirements of retail packed products for resale. QADEX Food Specs has an intuitive recipe manager function built in which makes it easy to create and maintain specs for instore products.

Benefits of QADEX Food Specs Management

  • Secure and easy to use website for suppliers to input specifications enabling suppliers to input information easily without loss of data.
  • Free usage of the QADEX specification migrator for suppliers to provide specifications in their own formats for upload to QADEX.
  • Unlimited system support to suppliers means no more waiting for days for answers to problems. With QADEX the majority of calls to the QADEX Support Centre are from suppliers seeking advice and support about information being requested on specifications. We provide this support meaning that your technologists do not have to.
  • Suppliers who are slow completing specifications will receive automatic reminders via email.
  • Telephone based follow up calls to suppliers who are slow completing specifications to negotiate prompt completion ensures that all your specifications are completed promptly and any problems with email delivery are overcome.
  • Ongoing liaison with your technical teams regarding any issues that arise throughout the specification completion process. Our software is great, but no software can do everything and resolve every query automatically.
  • Auto identification of allergen declaration errors on supplier specifications resulting in less product recalls due to mislabelled allergens.
  • An easy to use recipe manager enables creation and maintenance of in-store specifications in various formats.
  • Alerts when in-store and deli counter specifications need updating as a result of changes on the supplier specifications.
  • Easy, secure and reliable links to online websites.
  • Seamless integration to other QADEX modules and your existing systems if required.
Food Specs For Instore Bakery
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