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Worldwide Specification Management Software

The food supply chain is a global industry and your specification management needs to deal with the specific standards in whichever country or countries you are located.

For Retailers/Wholesalers and Their Suppliers

Specification Management SoftwareThe QADEX Specification Management program is an online system which is easy to manage – even when your suppliers are located all over the world.

Specifications Managed Seamlessly

Information is easy to update whenever regulations or products are changed. Collect allergen, nutrition, quality and manufacturing process details in one place.

Approve and share information quickly, eliminate errors and speed-up processes. Automatic notifications to your quality managers, with actions chased automatically and publish in multi-formats for other departments.

Powerful Software for all reporting

Whatever the conditions of your search criteria, QADEX Specification Management software will drill-down and report on your specifications data. Specify the traceability you need for each product, each supplier and each raw material.

QADEX global management Software is:

  • Quick and easy set-up and simple to use
  • Cost effective with minimal outlay
  • No requirement for additional hardware
  • Flexible to the size and requirements of every company, from SME to multinational
  • Quick response time
  • Fully supported by the 70 strong QADEX team

In fact, QADEX is the only solution that extensively meets the needs of the global ‘own label marketplace.

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