Supplier Approval SOP in the Food Industry

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Supplier Approval Management

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What does our new Supplier Approval Process involve?

Our robust supplier approval SOP involves a number of key stages.

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Robust Risk Assessments are the foundation of the entire food safety management system, including supplier approval. There are many challenges faced by food businesses in conducting robust risk assessments.

This provides a robust risk assessment which outputs a supplier approval methodology, often one or more of, a 3rd party audit, a supplier self audit questionnaire and/or a supplier audit.

3rd party audit is where a decision is made to approve a supplier based on them having a current 3rd party audit often completed against GFSI benchmarked audits such as the BRCGS. Traditionally many businesses complete this step manually using email but now over 16,000 progressive businesses now use QADEX to automate this process.

Self Audit Questionnaires (SAQ) is where the food business has a standard self audit questionnaire which is sent to the supplier to complete and return for review by an experienced supplier approval manager. Traditionally many businesses complete this step manually using Word or Excel but over 16,000 progressive businesses now use QADEX to automate this process.

Supplier Audit is where the food and drink business sends an auditor (employed or subcontracted) to audit the supplier against their own standard and requirements. Whilst this is the most time consuming and expensive process it is the most comprehensive as an experienced auditor will pick up on issues that are overlooked by 3rd party audits and/or self audit questionnaires.

Once the above stages are completed a decision can be made to approve a supplier, not approve a supplier, or approve a supplier with conditions. A progressive supplier approval SOP will then proceed to a quality assurance or supplier performance monitoring phase.

QADEX supplier approval SOP software automates the supplier performance monitoring phase and creates supplier performance benchmarks and trending dashboards which provide early warnings where a suppliers performance may be deteriorating.

How does the procedure in the Food industry differ from other industries?

The key differences between a supplier approval procedure in the food industry and most other industries are:

As a result of these differences the process of supplier approval of food is highly complex and compounded by the fact that many foodstuffs are manufactured with ingredients of animal/fish origin or grown in fields where it can be very difficult to remove all risk to the end consumer.

What does a Supplier Approval SOP involve?

Challenges with COVID-19 associated with this process

There are a number of challenges Covid-19 has introduced:

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