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Spontaneous combustion of various ingredients

Following the recent incident of spontaneous combustion of noodles at Cofresh in Leicester which was averted by good fire detection systems at Cofresh and a rapid response from the fire brigade there has been a bit of a debate on the food manyfacturing group on LinkedIn
It seems to me that there is a lot of experience around the industry about the risk of spontaneous combustion of various ingredients in varying circumstances. It would be really beneficial to pull all this knowledge together in one document/location which food companies could then use as part of their risk assessments. Is anyone out there aware of such a document.
This is a supply chain risk that could be managed during supplier auditing but would require a broader scope of supply chain risk managment system which takes into account factors outside of the typical food safety risks that are covered in a supplier audit.
Food specification systems could be made more intelligent to flag supplier risk areas