Future proof specification management

Transform specification management for raw materials, finished products and answer product queries instantly.

If you experience some of the following challenges then we have the solution.

Current specification processes are complex and manual.

Audits are a source of stress and you worry that non-conformances will be identified in specification management.

It is very time consuming getting specifications completed by suppliers.

Specifications submitted by some suppliers are not completed satisfactorily.

Management of expiring certificates is time consuming and error prone resulting in more risk of audit non-conformances.

Extensive time is being taken going backwards and forwards with suppliers to get specifications approved. It seems to be a never ending process.

When you are asked to answer questions such as “how much palm oil” is used in your supply chain you have to resort to a big data gathering exercise using spreadsheets and countless days going through specifications.

Everytime there is a RASFF alert or food scare you are not certain if products in your supply chain could be impacted.

You think there must be a better way.

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Want a better way of managing specifications? You're in the right place!

You may be wondering why we have not provided more detail on this page about all of the cool functionality we provide. We have recently found that a competitor under financial pressure to grow quickly has copied all of the functionality list from our website and included it on their functionality list, that they are selling to prospective customers.

They don’t have much of the functionality that they say that they have!

So if someone is trying to sell you a similar set of functionality to what QADEX provides, speak to a few of their customers to confirm that the functionality has been delivered, or better still give us a shout.