Specification or SAQ Template Choices – Update

Specification or SAQ Template ChoicesThe next QADEX update we will be talking about is “Specification or SAQ Template choices”.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with specification or SAQ template choices below is an overview of what this functionality allows you to do and how we have recently improved it.
Within the QADEX system, a customer can have their own SAQ/Specification template set up in a personalised format.
What does this mean?
This means we can re-create your word document/pdf/excel or SAQ. These can include your; logo, colour and tables within the system as a downloadable document.
Previously because this document was system generated we had to include all the system fields on the template. This template would show; all of the supplier optional comments, Customer’s document review comments, etc.
For some customers this over crowded their version of the SAQ or Specification, so we have now built in options for you to customise the final version template. This enables you to remove these comments if you require.
There is also cool functionality whereby different sections of a specification or a self audit questionnaire could be approved by different users following configurable workflows, but all of the approvers digital signatures would appear at the bottom of the self audit questionnaire or specification template.
Following feedback, it was clear that some customers felt that this gave the impression that a user had signed off something they shouldn’t have, so we have now provided the ability to customise where the digital signature of multiple users appear, for even more customisation.
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