Slaughterhouses in the Spotlight after Condemning CCTV Footage

Undercover footage reveals dark side of slaughterhouses
Animal Aid has been filming undercover footage since 2009. Bowood Lamb slaughterhouse is the ninth target and the first Halal enterprise it has dealt with . While a swift slit to the throat (necessary for some certain religious beliefs) does have the potential to be humane, covert footage revealed that Bowood Lamb’s animals were being treated with violence, contempt and cruelty prior to their deaths. Furthermore, instead of a clean cut many of the animals had their throats repeatedly hacked at using blunt knives. The video also unveiled a myriad of other animal cruelty offences including sheep being kicked in the head, jumped on by employees, lifted by their ears, drawn on with paint and thrown head first onto conveyor belts.

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Animal Aid urges Brits to focus on animal rights, not cultural differences
As well as issues over animal cruelty the video has also led to fears that it could fuel anti-Muslim feelings in the UK. Animal Aid is urging people to look past any cultural differences and maintains that racism and bigotry have no place in its organisation. Representatives did admit that it could cause controversy however at the end of the day, “withholding release of the footage would be a betrayal of our key mission: to expose and combat animal cruelty.”

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Highlight the need to vet suppliers
The footage is undeniably shocking and has rocked both the slaughterhouse industry and the British meat market as a whole. So what can the public do to combat such atrocities? One of the easiest and most effective ways for businesses to make a difference is to ensure they have robust supplier approval in place and ensure that all meat is being sourced from an approved supplier. Running supplier audit and risk assessment software is a good way to make sure suppliers are on top of their certifications and abiding by the law. If all businesses adopted this approach and audited slaughterhouses, it could have a marked impact on combating animal cruelty.