Is campylobacter a competitive issue?

I am not sure?
Food Standards AgencyHere at QADEX we work with over 150 food businesses who are actively trying to drive step change improvement in food safety and brand protection.
Seeing food safety as a competitive issue would benefit our customers, and us, but I am still not sure.
Driving improvement takes a long time, and a lot of effort, and sometimes involves opening up and sharing best practice and ideas between businesses who may otherwise be seen as competitors.
Take allergen risk as an example, QADEX customers who use QADEX Vision for supplier risk assessment, supply chain auditing and specification management gain the power of our allergen risk assessment tools which help to identify mis-declared allergens on raw material specifications and also ensure that site based risk assessments are always up to date. But this amazing capability was developed through collaboration across a number of food businesses and our development team. The businesses now benefiting from these tools cannot advertise or market on pack what they are doing to be better.
Consumers want to trust the food that they buy, and when things go wrong the brand protection implications can be large.
But I know from the work I do every week with progressive technical directors and technical managers that treating food safety as a “non-competitive issue” allows them to sit down, have conversations and move things forward. If food safety becomes a competitive issue some companies may become introverted and we are all worse off as an industry.
I am really not sure about the wisdom of the FSA taking this direction.