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Roundtable for sustainable palm membership

We have been working on an interesting project recently regarding the sustainability of palm and palm derivatives within the food supply chain.
There is an ongoing initiative called the round table for sustainable palm oil which has the stated commitment of promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil.
This is an important issue in the area of sustainable food supply chains, sustainability being something which is close to my heart.
What has surprised me is the number of suppliers who have assumed that because their ingredient suppliers or the sub-suppliers within the supply chain is a member of the RSPO that the palm oil supplied is automatically sustainable.
Having spoken to some suppliers who made this assumption it is clear that the extreme pressures that people are under to comply with the myriad of technical requirements within todays food industry is not allowing people time to stop and think.
The fact that food technologists do not have time to stop and think is not sustainable.

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