Risk assessment in the QADEX office at Halloween

October 31st, the only time of year that chasing thousands of self audit questionnaires and specifications aren’t the scariest part of coming into the office…

Here at Qadex we take food safety very seriously so on Halloween we go to town to make everyone aware just how scary food safety has become!

photo (17).JPG

We work hard to try and keep nasty surprises out of our customer’s supply chains, so we have to work extra hard to hide surprises for the Qadex staff to find on their desks, chairs, and keyboards… Muahaha!

The bravest of the team will soon be plunging their hands into the spooky Halloween cauldrons, not knowing what they’re going to be getting themselves into!

Luckily the team here at Qadex work hard all year round (even on Halloween) to ensure our customers don’t get themselves into any sticky situations and know exactly what they’re getting from their supply chains once their Self Audit Questionnaires and Specifications have been completed!

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