Reeeeeeelax it's Desk Yoga Time!

Most of us working in an office grab a cuppa or maybe go for a walk to get away from everyday stresses – not here at Qadex, we like to mix things up! Every day from 1.30 we indulge in 30 minutes of back breaking, wrist straining and hip opening (optional of course) desk yoga!


To take part, we log onto the on-line stream of videos and begin with the not so relaxing lengthening of the spine, reaching for the sky and trying to hold this position until we feel at least 1cm taller (although some manage longer than others, not mentioning names! OPS!!!)

I’m sure everyone’s favourite is Inversion, placing our heads gently on the desk and falling asleep… or at least wishing we could, slowly increasing this so we place our chest down onto our knees and reeeeeeelax, not a word often used here in the Sileby office.

Kay and Anna

After a few weeks of participating, most of us found that we were feeling a lot more balanced, some of us have even been able to touch our toes, result!
Overall, it’s nice to shake things up, try and get out of our comfort zones and push ourselves and the team to stretch, just that little… bit… further! Another example of our guys here at Qadex working as a team to spur each other on and achieve new goals.
Tracey commented, we wanted something that staff could do everyday, that would benefit the business as well as them, we came up with exercise but couldn’t think how to do it in a safe environment, then we found DESK YOGA, and problem solved.  It is optional and if we are having a very busy day it can get missed but 1.30 everyday you will find us in different yoga poses at our desks, for us oldies some of the exercises are harder than others and as a result you can often hear creaking!!  Just another benefit of working for the QADEX brand :-


Deborah said: ‘I find Desk Yoga to be a great distraction from the workload, a time to relax and let go, do some therapeutic stretches and then re-engage feeling refreshed on the workload.’
Andrew commented, I have had a few niggling injuries over the last few years due to the sports I play, but after doing desk yoga all of my injuries are all now ‘less of a niggle’ :-