Red Tractor Recognition

One of Qadex’s customers Red Tractor (also known as Assured Food Standards) has been rewarded with the highest rate of public recognition over recent years.
You may have probably seen the Red Tractor logo being advertised recently by Jimmy Doherty, one of Jamie Oliver’s best friends and a renowned Essex pig farmer, who recently featured on television show Jimmy’s Farm. More likely you will have seen the logo on your on packs of mince or chicken but I’m sure if you checked your fridge you could potentially find lots more products with the colourful Red Tractor logo.
A whopping 57% of the public recognise this logo, which is a rise  of 9% since 2012. Testament to the good work of the team at Red Tractor and the British based farmers market.
The importance of this logo goes beyond health and safety; it also enforces the support of Britain’s farmers and the public’s recognition of  local provenance.

Red Tractor
The Red Tractor is now recognised by 57% of the public

The “Give a Fork about Pork” campaign, sponsored by Jimmy Doherty, has helped cement Red Tractor’s journey into the public domain. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) who coined “Don’t Worry, Eat Happy”  use only chicken that is Red Tractor assured.  Red tractor has also gained momentum and positive recognition after the recent horse meat scandal, which dented public confidence in the meat industry, by helping consumers gain trust back into their food by ensuring produce is  local and complies with Red Tractor’s standard
Here’s to many more ads and more recognition.