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Bad weather shows need for robust contingency planning

With the recent bad weather here in the UK many businesses have had disruption varying from staff being unable to get to work to distribution delays and everything in between.
Many businesses talk about having contingency plans in place to deal with different situations. Interestingly one area that some people overlook in their contingency planning is communicating with their supply chain.
Here at QADEX we help our customers manage over 7,000 suppliers.
When a new customer makes the wise decision to adopt QADEX, we manage all set-up of their account, including setting up all suppliers and the suppliers contact details. When a customer sends their supplier list and contact details to us for set-up we are sometimes surprised about how many of the contact details are incorrect. Examples include:
– Suppliers listed who have been de-listed.
– Contact names at suppliers incorrect.
– Supplier email addresses and phone numbers incorrect
In some instances we have found up to 50% of the data to be inaccurate.
In the event of a food business needing to contact their suppliers for information such as product specifications, supplier self audits or any other information, this lack of accurate contact information makes data gathering a time consuming task.
In the event of a crisis where information is required urgently what are the chances……
As you are putting together your priorities for 2010 may we suggest that you add to this a data cleaning exercise on your supplier contact information, unfortunately you will also need to plan a frequent update as the contacts that you verify have a habit of quickly going out of date.
For those of you reading this who are lucky enough to be already using QADEX we have a new “Emergency Contacts Report” arriving in February which will extract all of the emergency contact information from your supplier self audits and present these on an instant report. Even better you can use the Communicate feature to contact all the suppliers instantly.

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