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Supplier audit checklistSometimes you need to jump through a lot of hoops to secure a new contract, but one bad supplier or product, could put a big contract at risk. The best way to prevent that is having a good system of checking and then auditing your suppliers by using a supplier audit questionnaire.

Regularly auditing your supply chain won’t prevent the occasional problem from arising, but it will flag up where the next one might arise. It forms a big part of your risk management and helps to focus the right members of your team on specific areas that need a closer eye.

Especially useful for on-site visits, so you won’t forget anything and entering everything directly online from wherever you are, can save hours of admin time afterwards too.

QADEX has over seven years’ experience, working with over 16,000 food and drink manufacturing sites on all aspects of supplier approval management on areas such as;

  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Self Audit Questionnaire Management
  • Supplier Audits and visits

As part of every QADEX deployment we work with new customers to review and update all aspects of their supplier approval management processes, including supplier audit checklists.

If the time is not right for your business to implement a QADEX solution, we can provide an excellent consultancy service to review and advise on any gaps in your existing processes.

We understand that managing supplier audits may not be straightforward, especially if you have a large number of suppliers as it can be easy to lose track of which suppliers are supposed to be audited when and if they had any non-conformances in previous audits.

QADEX have created a free, downloadable, supplier audit checklist, which will allow you to start simplifying your raw material supplier audits.

The supply chain audit checklist can be used to help you understand the important details of your suppliers for example; what category of supplier they are, information about their last audit and when their next audit is scheduled to take place.

By using this food supplier audit checklist you will be able to see this information at a glance and will not be hidden away in or split into separate documents.

If you would like to download this FREE checklist, please click the button below:

supplier audit template download

If you would like to learn more about how QADEX can help your business through our supplier audit module then please click the button below:

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