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Raw Material Specs ModuleThe QADEX Raw Material Specifications Module is an efficient and easy to use solution used by over 16,000 sites to process over 20,000 raw material specifications per month.

Problems it solves:

  • Maintaining every raw material specification up to date and accurate is an increasing challenge.
  • Product SKUs, ingredient lists, manufacturing steps, quality controls, and regulatory requirements are complex and complicated.
  • Effective access to this information is needed by more than just technical and product development with other stakeholders in packaging, purchasing, quality, and production often requiring access to specification data.
  • Maintaining up to date and detailed raw material specifications is time consuming and is resource hungry, creating more pressure on technical departments.


  • Secure and easy to use website for suppliers to input specifications.
  • Templates can be provided with multiple formats available.
  • Suppliers upload specifications in their own format using the QADEX specification migrator.
  • No more waiting for answers to problems: QADEX provide unlimited system support to all your suppliers.
  • Suppliers receive automatic reminders via email, as well as telephone calls to negotiate prompt completion of specifications, to meet your deadlines.
  • Ongoing liaison with your technical teams on any issues that arise during the completion process. QADEX software is great, but there is often a query or two to resolve.
  • Full version control on all specifications.
  • Seamless integration to other QADEX modules and your existing systems if required.

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