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The following information has been provided by the food standards agency
The Food Standards Agency has received a communication from the EU Commission regarding the potential radioactive contamination of food and feed from Japan. The Commission are recommending that Member States monitor feed and food of plant or animal origin (mainly fishery products) imported from today from Japan for radioactivity.
The FSA is working closely with Government departments around the world to monitor any radioactivity that may spread from the reactors in Japan to ascertain if there is a potential for contamination to occur in other third counties. The Agency is not requiring Authorities to increase any monitoring but will keep them informed of any developments and action that may be required if higher than normal levels of radioactivity are noted.
When assessing the acceptability for placing on the market, feed and food with an increased level of radioactivity, the pre-established maximum levels for food in Regulation (Euratom) No 3954/87, for feed in Regulation (Euratom) No 770/90 and for minor foodstuffs Regulation (Euratom) No 944/89 can be used as a reference.
If authorities do detect any abnormal level of radioactivity in feed and food it is important that their findings are reported immediately to the Food Standards Agency.
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