QADEX Urge Compliance with Food Safety Regulations

QADEX, a software system which helps to improve food safety and monitor supply chains in the food industry, is strongly encouraging companies within the sector to review their quality managements and ensure they have efficient food safety policies in place – or face a harsh penalty.

With consumer confidence in the food industry at an all-time low, businesses are increasingly finding that they must bring every aspect of food safety, quality management, compliance and product development together in order to monitor every aspect of the process. There have been numerous cases in the last few years where brands which are renowned across the globe have been sanctioned and punished for mistakes and errors that resulted in unsafe products hitting the shelves and being available to the public – now QADEX are trying to ensure that big brands have the appropriate monitoring systems in place to prevent this from taking down another famous name.
Tracey Cranney Operations Manager of QADEX, which offers supply chain risk management and enables step change improvement in food safety and brand protection, says, “There are many worrying case studies around at the moment, which demonstrate that there are still companies out there putting their customers at risk by not implementing the correct quality control systems for their ingredients and their products. Quality management is a crucial element of all food service organisations, and we strongly encourage all businesses within the sector to review their current policies and processes and ensure that they are doing everything they can to increase food safety.”
She adds, “Our innovative software brings everything from product development to customer complaints together in one dynamic dashboard, allowing managers to identify problems and, if necessary, carry out corrective actions. Managers are given the opportunity to view how their operations are performing at a glance, allowing for great brand protection capabilities and food quality management .”
The main message from QADEX is that, if it could happen to a big brand with all the power and legal clout that they possess, it could happen to any business within the food industry. It’s crucial that businesses large and small are able to follow-up on their shipments and orders, identifying any problems before it’s too late – when unsafe food products need to be recalled, or when they cause some form of widespread illness or injury, it is a safe bet that the might of the Food Standards Agency will come down hard on that particular company, and it is crucial that they have safeguards to ensure that they are not culpable.
Software like QADEX is crucial in ensuring that these incidents are minimised – those that do occur can be identified at an early stage and action can be taken before the food products are distributed for public consumption. With allergen risk assessment tools, supplier approval management tips and the ability to manage all customer complaints, QADEX provides the comprehensive answer to all food safety concerns.