QADEX unveil Allergen Management Module

The allergen validation module has been designed to identify possible mislabelled allergens on raw material specifications and protect your business. This module will cross check allergens on the manufacturing site against allergens declared on raw materials and alert you to possible mis-declarations.
Having reduced allergen mis-declarations the module can then be used to create a consolidated allergen report. This report is automatically kept up to date as new raw materials are added or existing raw materials updated, thereby keeping your allergen management system audit ready 24/7.

  • Identify likely allergen labelling errors by checking suppliers raw material specifications against site audit information
  • Consolidated allergen report showing all allergens and allergen cross contamination risks for your site
  • Live updates to consolidated allergen reports as new raw material specifications are received or existing specifications updated
  • Automatic updates showing which finished product specifications are impacted by a change to allergen status of a raw material


  • Likely reduction in labelling errors
  • Less audit non-conformances
  • Audit ready 24/7
  • Comply with retailer and customer requirements
  • Reduction in hassle
  • Free technical resource to focus on other priorities
  • Business protection

QADEX Mission Statement
To make the lives of our customers easier and exceed their expectations by adding value, making a difference and having fun along the way.
To find out more about the Allergen Validation module call Christian Howes on 0845 3024780 or email

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