QADEX food specifications team jump out of a plane

Two members of the QADEX team are mad enough to jump out of a plane for their chosen charities.
To support their chosen charities we have agreed to provide £1 for every person across our food manufacturing and supply chain who follow QADEX on LinkedIn
No doubt some readers will say that many of the QADEX team are mad to spend their days chasing food specifications and supplier self audit questionnaires across the food supply chain.
Apparently when they jump they fall at a speed of 210mph, that seems fast to me!
So who are these brave/stupid/crazy souls
Kayleigh Duffin has worked with us for over three years, starting as a school leaver stuffing envelopes and working her way up to an Account Manager. Kayleigh is currently suffering with a broken elbow which she hopes will have mended before she jumps!
Luke Gale is a recent joiner to our team, and has the distinction of winning employee of the month in his first month. Luke says he is a keen sportsman, playing cricket for Sileby Cricket Club First XI.
On being asked why she felt the need (with a broken elbow) to jump from 10,000 feet out of a moving airplane, Kayleigh says;
“Both myself and Luke have seen family members, friends and loved ones suffer from this horrible disease, we’d like to raise money as well as awareness to prevent anyone YOU love going through the same thing! We have chosen to donate all funds to Breast Cancer Campaign and Orchid- Fighting Male Cancer. We chose these charities because they are very close to our heart, Luke has a friend currently suffering from Testicular cancer and would like to show him support – we’d like YOU to show your support too and help towards preventing this happening to one of your close friends/family members.
We’d like people to sponsor this very good cause and assist in raising awareness in hope that one day, we WILL beat Cancer.
To support Kayleighs fundraising click here
To support Lukes fundraising click here
Which is scarier, chasing food specifications or jumping out of a plane?
Luke Gale and Kayleigh Duffin who are taking a break from chasing food specifications to jump out of a plane
So get clicking for a good cause! 
About Kayleigh & Lukes day job when they are not jumping out of planes.
Kayleigh and Luke are account managers at QADEX and are responsible for day to day liason with their dedicated QADEX customers and working with some of the 14,000 supplying sites who use QADEX to get food specifications and self audit questionnaires completed promptly and to a high standard. Currently the team process over 20,000 food specifications and other document per month. So the documents do come in quickly but not quite at the 210mph that Kayleigh & Luke will be soon falling from the sky at.