Qadex supports World cancer Day

Is there anything that affects us all  more than Cancer?

Statistics show that 1 in 3 of us will be directly affected or know someone close to us that will be diagnosed with Cancer.

Today is world Cancer awareness day and even though this can be such a terrible disease for millions of people each and every year, This is the time for all of us to unite together and do everything we can to beat this thing, Once and for all! And QADEX is doing its part to help fund Cancer research UK by purchasing the latest wrist bands they are selling at £2 each. 100% of which goes directly to Cancer research UK.

Band close up

There are many wonderful things you can do to help support this charity and many others like it. I myself cycled from Manchester to London in 2014 to help fund research to a similar charity. Also, our very own Tracey Cranney is embarking on her own adventure to help raise money and awareness to fight the battle against Cancer. She will be taking on a 180 mile cycle around London. Which will be a tremendous achievement as she “does not feel comfortable on a bike” as she put it!

Many of our own team here have been personally affected by Cancer as some of team briefly describe here
“I’m wearing my band today to remember my mum, brother and sister. It’s great that QADEX have sponsored these bands for staff as I also believe if we all give a little and that may be money or time we will beat cancer”
Tracey Cranney, Operations Manager


Someone very close to me has recently been diagnosed with cancer. I believe that if we all help to contribute to the on-going research, we can beat cancer in my lifetime”

Andy 2

“I have lost family members with Cancer and have 3 family members trying to beat this horrendous disease, Stage 3 Breast Cancer, Pancreatic & Prostate.. We need to kick cancers ASS !!!… So we must keep giving”


Please give generously wherever you can so we can beat Cancer in our lifetime and save lives sooner rather than later
Thank you