QADEX Supports Businesses Threatened by EU Exit

With the European market still the biggest and most convenient for the UK food industry, leading politicians have warned of the potential consequences of leaving the EU. The UK’s exit from the EU could be decided by a referendum in two years’ time, and if the public decide on quitting the union the UK’s food industry could be first hit.
Shadow food and farm minister Huw Irranca-Davies and Scotland’s rural affairs secretary and farm minister Richard Lochhead were among those who spoke out about the potential disaster facing the industry at the Oxford Farming Conference.
Tracey Cranney, Operations Manager at QADEX, said, “The referendum is a huge threat to the British farming industry – the UK can’t fund farming at the same levels as the EU. Quitting the EU could change the industry forever and businesses need to be prepared for all outcomes.”

How do you make a decision

Of course politics divides the opinion on the EU membership debate, and there were politicians who disagreed with the threat to the farming industry from leaving the EU. UKIP has predicted trade with the EU would be unaffected by the UK exit as the nation is its biggest customer.
With the dairy industry already in crisis over falling prices worldwide and oversupply, the question remains whether the food industry would benefit or crumble from an EU exit. If the UK does decide to leave the EU and trade relationships are affected, manufacturers may have to look further afield for suppliers.
QADEX software rigorously audits suppliers and eliminates risks for food businesses with extended food chains. With new EU labelling laws demanding more and more consumer information on packets, it is becoming ever more important to audit each and every supply chain.


Tracey added, “From supplier risk assessments to allergen declaration checking, QADEX allows companies to choose modules and build a bespoke software system to help them stay compliant and make day to day life easier. We’ll be supporting food businesses through a referendum if it comes to it, and helping them assess and audit new international suppliers.”
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