QADEX speaking at Leatherhead Food Safety Day on 12th May

QADEX business development director, Stephen Whyte, is honoured to be invited to speak at the Leatherhead Food Safety Day on the 12th of May
Speaking on the subject of Risk Management, practical applications in the food industry.
With risk management being such a wide area Stephens presentation will focus on risk management within the food supply chain. Topics covered will include:
Best practice for risk managing your supply chain based on the experiences of working with over 150 food businesses to risk manage their supply chains.
Barriers to best practice which are encountered on a day to day basis due to the structure and nature of the food supply chain.
In recognition that best practice is not always achievable Stephen will then discuss good practice which can be achieved by most food businesses.
An overview of where we are now compared to good practice will highlight areas of concern and provide comfort to those who think that it is just their supply chain that is difficult to get information from.
Challenges to good practice will be discussed followed by some ideas and tips to overcome challenges.

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