Here at QADEX we like to look after our staff, as a result we are always looking for team activities and ways to make the job FUN!
Not an easy task let me tell you, our dedicated team spend long days with an ear cupped to the phone and fingers flying over computer keyboards.
We all look forward to 1.30pm when Desk YOGA hits the office and all you hear is arrgghh as we stretch and bend into positions bodies really shouldn’t be in!
So when one of the team offered to put together a MASTERMIND quiz we all jumped at the opportunity…..well some of us!
I wasn’t allowed to have the specialist subject of QADEX so was immediately stuck, what the hell did I know anything about….basically nothing!  I plumped for COWS (as my desk will support) I love em, however I know nothing about them!  The rest of the office showed surprising choices ranging from 50 shades of grey to Harry Potter!
Due to business commitments we had to cancel the first scheduled session, a reprieve, I was saved but no we scheduled it for another day!
The day arrived and we assembled, Andrew pulled out all the stops, we even had a big black leather chair to sit it!  The timer started and we were off, questions fired left right and centre for our 2 minutes in the chair!


Obviously there was more pressure on certain team members such as the boss Stephen Whyte who chose the food industry and scored well but didn’t nail it! (I am sure an envelope passed hands somewhere!)  My turn finally arrived, it was this point I made it clear when I chose cows I meant the collection on my desk……oooppps! Didn’t get away with that!


Vicky Hunter one of our senior account managers won the first round with her specialist subject Harry Potter scoring a cool 17 points.  It was over,  a laugh had been had…what was this round 2 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE….NOOOOOOOOOO!! Everyone knows I have no life, I work, I go Home, I walk the dogs eat and crash, who has time for TV or world news blah blah.
The next rounds started, to my surprise I knew lots I didn’t know I knew! Until it got to my turn….needless to say joint last was myself and Shraddha!!  Vicky managed to maintain her lead and as result has won a day to HARRY POTTER WORLD IN LONDON, if I knew there was a prize and I might have won a cow I would have studied!!!
Andrew said “I know more about the Kardashians than I ever thought I would, this is something I’m not proud of. It also took me many more hours than I thought it would. I can say it was definitely worth it and hope everyone had a great time, even though everyone had to endure 2 gruelling minutes of the Kardashians!”
(I still have no idea who they are I thought they were from STAR TREK!). So it’s clear from the results none of us are MASTERMINDS! Just mere humans working hard to deliver for the QADEX brand!!