QADEX exhibit at Proactive Food Safety Conference 18.09.2019

The Proactive Food Safety Conference – Counter Risks, Protect Consumers Agenda! 32 Food & Drink Manufacturers & Retailers Reveal Practical, Realistic Approaches For Proactive Food & Drink Safety

Proactive Food & Drink Safety: Practical, Realistic Approaches To Identify & Reduce Risks, Threats, Allergens, Microbial Contamination, Fraud & Vulnerabilities Across The Supply Chain & Business
Utilising Innovative Scientific Methods, Robust Risk Assessments & Technological Advancements To Protect Consumer Health & Brand Integrity In A Changing World Of Regulation & Political Uncertainty. One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event.
Fresh Perspectives & Practical Insights From 32 Key Manufacturers, Retailers & Regulators To Help You Identify & Reduce Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities Across The Supply Chain & Business – Protect Consumer Health & Brand Integrity & Tackle Regulation Changes & Brexit Uncertainty

  1. Realistic Approaches To Holistic Supply Chain Management: Implement practical controls and risk assessments to maintain authenticity, integrity and traceability
  2. Proactive Allergen Controls, Clear Customer Communication: Prioritise consumer safety with the latest scientific methods to prevent incidents and restore confidence
  3. Microbial Testing Innovations: Developments in cost-effective rapid testing techniques to identify and eliminate microbial contamination
  4. Regulation Updates & Interpretations: Review the latest changes in global regulations and BRC 8 with fresh perspectives from key players
  5. Minimise Risks From Food Fraud & Emerging Vulnerabilities: An update on the most vulnerable ingredients and what we can learn from recent cases
  6. Technology-Enabled Food Safety: Enhance and streamline your food safety procedures with new technologies – from A.I. to blockchain to digitisation
  7. Managing The Impact Of Brexit: Maintain prosperity during times of political transition, plus practical considerations for multi-national
  8. Embed Food Safety Cultures & Maintain Brand Reputation: Effective internal and external communication strategies to ensure cross-department commitment and customer confidence