QADEX customers take product launch manager into uncharted territory

As more customers use QADEX product launch manager to transform their Food NPD we were surprised to note how creative customers were becoming in their usage of the software. Applications we had not anticipated the system being used for included:

  • Factory upgrades
  • Business re-organisations
  • Artwork changes
  • Financial recovery from suppliers for business impacts of non-performing raw materials.

And these are only the applications that we are currently aware of.
Therefore we have decided to rename this module “Workflow Manager” to reflect this wider usage and some exciting new development that we are working on currently.
As a teaser….
Can you imagine all those situations across your food business where you are focused on delivering safe, legal and quality products where something does not go to plan and you have to deliver mini projects or sets of tasks in mini sequences and you struggle to keep on top of ensuring everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, a bit like the herding of cats that product launch manager was originally designed for.
Well can you imagine the power of “If” and “Then” workflows, for example, If a supplier delivers non-conforming products which affect production Then initiate a cost recovery process across purchasing, production and finance teams.
To summarise, while product launch manager is the best food NPD software in the market for delivering product launches faster, better and together, this wider usage turns it into a multi tool which can be used by all departments across food businesses to deliver any project faster better and together.
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