QADEX Client Robertson’s Jam Enjoys Paddington Marmalade Boom

The Paddington Bear film, released late last year, has resulted in a sales boost for marmalade market leaders Robertson’s. The company, which is a client of food safety management system QADEX, has seen sales of Robertson’s Golden Shred marmalade soar 24%, while sales of the whole range were up 22%. The Golden Shred marmalade is featured in the film as the main ingredient of Paddington Bear’s marmalade sandwiches.
Tracey Cranney, Operations Manager at QADEX, said, “It’s amazing that this traditional British product has experienced a “Paddington effect.” Marmalade has been declining in popularity in recent years so this is great news for one of our loyal customers.”

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The marmalade boom was anticipated by Robertson’s, who added an image of the preserve-loving bear to the label of Golden Shred in October before the movie was released. The blockbuster film features a host of celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent. It also boasts big names behind the scenes, with producers and directors from epics such as Gravity and the Harry Potter saga. The first film about Paddington bear has been a huge hit, taking £5.1 at the UK box office in its opening weekend and topping the chart.
Hain Daniels, brand owner of Robertson’s thinks the marmalade-obsessed bear has even introduced the classic preserve to a new generation.
David Atkinson, Managing Director of Hain Daniels grocery said, “Since the film launched we have seen a fantastic uplift in sales. Paddington is synonymous with marmalade and the film has conjured nostalgia for those who remember the calamitous bear from their childhoods, but it has also meant marmalade is being introduced to a whole new younger generation.”
Robertson’s dominates the £40 million marmalade market, and trusts QADEX Vision software to manage everyday operations and prevent any supplier failures and allergen recalls. QADEX is also the software of choice for industry giants Britvic, Domino’s and Fox’s.


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