Well where do we start?…

Gather round and I shall tell you a tale of drinking, silly hats and embarrassing games… And then we went to the party!!

As the big day came, there had already been many attempts to crack Shraddha and Tracey on where on God’s green earth we were going and what the day had in-store for us. Well what a waste of time that was, as anyone who has ever met the two amigos know that these two wouldn’t crack at Guantanamo bay! Let alone from under pressure from a few of us here at Qadex.

As everyone reading this knows, we are all very busy, between new customers coming on board, existing customers using the Qadex system more and more, which asks more of us as a team and a company. We are all working hard to satisfy our customer needs so we’re all in need of an egg nog, or three!

“So where on earth did you go?” I hear you scream. Well, somewhere where nobody had guessed. A fantastically quaint cookery school called ‘Bridge 67 Cookery school’ We were all bundled into taxis, ball gagged and bags on our heads(not really, they were more like mini-vans)

When we arrived I personally, let out a little yelp of christmas joy as it was right up my street, and by this point I had only noticed the table full of alcohol next to the house and thought we were going to Russell Brands for christmas! We were then ushered upstairs to the dining room and given our tasks for the day by our lovely host Jill. To make, from scratch, a three course Christmas dinner, Decorate our own wine glasses, design Christmas crackers and set the tables for a festive feast to remember. And remember it we will. The decorations and table layout were impeccably creative, and I felt very much like it was a home away from home.


The Proof is in the Christmas Pudding –


I can honestly say I was blown away with how everyone really got into the spirit of the day (Jack daniels and Vodka mainly) and took to the daunting task of cooking for a large group of people. The effort put in by everyone and the quality of the dishes that were turned out, really was something special. And I must say a big, big thank you to our chef’s for the day Roy and Ian who were very patient and helpful with all of us.

5 Hours later we had finished. 3 Courses had been carefully designed, cooked, served and enjoyed by all. Before you could say “Undo your top button on your Jeans” it was time for games! I could go into details regarding what we played and who won what but there really is only one thing you need to know, and that is that Vicky totally destroyed everybody by answering question after question. Move over Daphne Fowler (look her up) as Miss Hunter is taking your place!

Kayleigh provides us with her own experiences of the day :-

“I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone here at Qadex when I say this years Christmas Party was the best yet. After months of trying to get the slightest of clues from Tracey and Shraddha and not being told anything, it was great to wake up on the 5th December and know the day had finally arrived!!

After driving for an hour through county roads and eventually down a long dirt track, it was a relief to find we’d arrived at a cookery school and not some sort of farm for the day. I had visions of orienteering through fields in the freezing cold, not mine (or anyone else’s) cup of tea!

What a fantastic idea from Tracey and Shraddha to have us all separated into teams and cook our own three course christmas meals! It was amazing to be on a work outing but also learning so much. I was very proud to make my own broccoli and stilton soup from scratch for our teams starter, even more proud when the rest of the team sat down to dinner and couldn’t get enough!

It was lovely to see newer team members getting involved with tasks and taking part, the day was a great success in terms of bonding for the QADEX family. I’m sure it was nothing to do with the abundance of alcohol provided throughout the day…

My favourite part of the day was sitting down to eat our meal, stuffing our faces and drinking yet more wine! It was nice to try each individual dish that our team had worked so hard to make and recognise each others efforts.

Table 1

It’s a shame that the party is now over and we’re back to the office, completing more specifications and self audit questionnaires for our customers, we’re all super busy with the new FIR regulations coming in and definitely looking forward to our upcoming Christmas break! Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for all.”

I’m sure you’ll all agree with Kay’s, that the day was a huge success

There really is only one way to finish and that’s to say a massive thank you to Tracey and Shraddha for the time and effort that obviously went into the planning and smooth running of the day. One I’m sure will be very, very, very hard to beat in the future

What’s Next year’s plans? No idea, But I’m certainly not following that!

‘ Merry Christmas to each and every one of you’