QADEX 3.1 released

As many people were having a long May bank holiday week-end the QADEX development team were busy bees working throughout the long week-end on the release of QADEX 3.1
The release of QADEX 3.1 brings a whole host of new features including:

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Automatic risk assessment and scoring of suppliers based on audit results
  • Enhanced document archiving
  • Enhanced user interfaces

There have also been a number of exciting changes which are tailored to the requirements of large multi-site food groups which are too good to put out in the public domain. But can be seen by contacting us for a demo.
Using QADEX 3.1 supplier auditing and specification management has moved to a whole new level.
Not resting on their laurels the development team are now working on QADEX 3.2 and QADEX 4.1, but more about that later.

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