Product recall insurance not as expensive as thought

The risk of a product recall or contamination incident results in lots of lost sleep for technical managers across the food supply chain.
Customer specifications are in place to ensure clear definition of what is required and to what standard.
QA checks on intake are in place to identify non-conforming product.
Supplier management programs are in place to reduce supplier risk.
Money is spent on specification management software and quality management software to ensure effectiveness.
Allergen management programs are in place to reduce cross contamination risks
Customer complaints management systems are in place to spot trends early
Supply chain auditing is in place to increase supply chain compliance
But hey, things can still go wrong
And when they do it may be worthwhile having product recall & contamination insurance in place.
A report I read recently from an insurance company indicated that the premium for contamination insurance could be as low as £10,250 for companies £100m turnover and £24,275 for companies with £250m turnover.
Margins are tight across the food industry but this seems like reasonable cost insurance for the potential value if something does go wrong.