Presence of Chloramphenicol in enzymes

There have been a number of alerts on the RASFF database recently relating to the presence of Chloramphenicol in enzymes intended for food use. The affected Enzymes have been distributed to Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK etc.
The enzymes highlighted so far are Xylanase, Amylase, Cellulase and Pectinase however the list is expanding.
Although the levels of chloramphenicol carried over into food from enzyme preparations are likely to be very low, chloramphenical is a potential genotoxic carcinogen, which should therefore not be added to food at any level.
A press release is available on the association of manufacturers and formulators of enzymes website
I would advise food businesses to review their food specifications for the presence of these enzymes and then check with suppliers if any of their products are affected by the recent RASFF alerts.
QADEX customers can achieve  this by clicking the “raw material specifications search” option on your QADEX Vision system, if you need any assistance please call your QADEX Account Manager who can guide you through the process.
Interestingly when I was scanning  the RASFF database I noticed that this issue has arisen before so there is an opportunity within supply chain risk management to have predicted that this might occur again.