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Popular German food-rating app Barcoo to launch in UK

It is with trepidation that I read in this weeks grocer about the imminent launch in the UK of the controversial and popular mobile phone app that rates products on price, health, availability and environmental impact.
Consumers use Android phones as barcode scanners to access information. It’s MD admitted Barcoo relied on media publicity around its sometimes damning reviews, and admitted it had previously been threatened with legal action by some companies.
“That’s very much part of our business and we will look to do the same when we come here,” he warned.
Now it would be hypocritical of me to question the adoption of technology based solutions I to tend to worry that the impact on food businesses complaint investigation & complaint reporting systems will need to be carefully through as this is likely to be another source of “negative feedback” and is yet another factor to be considered from a brand protection perspective.