Politics Influences Confectionery Market as Election Looms Closer

Elections can get pretty nasty and below the belt but the latest UKIP Jelly Baby scandal takes tactics to a whole new level. Sold on Amazon, the products offer “politically aware” Brits the “chance to bite the head off a UKIP baby” and gobble up all their favourite flavours.

In the wake of the products hitting Amazon shelves Choc-Kits, the product’s tongue in cheek manufacturer has been forced to deal with public controversy. Much like the UKIP party the Jelly Babies have had mixed reviews, with some people interpreting them as a  flippant joke while others have taken serious offence.

Shock and outrage at ”bigoted” Jelly Babies

Jelly babies

The Amazon ‘comments’ section has been the key platform for heated debates, with users accusing Choc-Kits of “trying to make money from depravity.” Other descriptions include “sick,” “not funny,” “very sad to see” and “a disgrace.”

The Brits who see the funny side…

Of course, others can’t get enough of the cheeky sweets and take great pleasure in watching all the action unfold. An active Amazon user said, “It’s amazing how a little tin of jelly babies can stir up so much annoyance! These could be improved by having little labels on them indicating which UKIP member they represent.”

Another user shunned political outrage in exchange for fury at the lack of traditional packaging. The sarcastic comment exclaimed, “However, I was shocked to find that these are tinned and measured in grams!!! I only eat sweets from little white PAPER bags weighed out in Imperial measurements from large jars from my local village shop in St Ives!! It’s political correctness gone mad, HOW dare the EU tell us how to eat our sweets.”

Even UKIP gets on-board!


As for what UKIP had to say about the confectionary, they seem to have taken the high ground, with a party spokesman admitting that the sweets were “quite funny I suppose, but transparently nothing to do with UKIP.”

Want to bite the head of your very own UKIP jelly baby? Choc-Kits is retailing the product on Amazon for £5.50 for 180grams. They may be novel but they certainly aren’t cheap, with the average bag of Bassetts Jelly Babies costing 77.9p per 100 grams.

Who would have thought that a tin of sweets could make political headlines? Do you think food manufacturers should use their power to speak out about politics?