Over 70 sites gain certification to the FSSC 22000

It has been reported today on that over 70 sites have gained certification to the FSSC 22000 food safety standard.
Whilst this is an interesting statistic it must be clearly recognised that FSSC 22000 is a GFSI  benchmarked standard along with several other standards such as the BRC.
On a daily basis we encounter food safety professionals who are confused about the plethora of different food safety standards and how this affects their supplier auditing and supplier risk assessment processes.
Within the QADEX supplier compliance management system we have a fast track process for all suppliers that have achieved a food safety standard, this works well and rewards the sites that have achieved certification, regardless of the food safety standard. Whether the supplier is operating against a GFSI benchmarked standard or a retailer standard the site is likely to have a credible food safety system in place. Therefore there is ample space in the marketplace for various standards whether GFSI benchmarked or not, surely this is the result of an open marketplace.
And for the sites who complain to our support team about the amount of information that they are being asked to provide there is a simple response, become certified against a food safety standard.
But, what we all need to pay more attention to is the large number of sites that are not working to a food safety standard or the agents/traders/distributors of foodstuffs who do not have robust supplier auditing processes in place within their supply chains and still adopt a trading mentality without sufficient investment in supplier assurance and technical capability.

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